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  • Easy Ways to Passing a Drug Test

    One of the most feared things these days is random drug tests. Most companies conduct pre-employment tests, and some conduct random tests while you’re on the job.

    With the legalization of marijuana, most of us prefer to wind-out with a joint every now and then. But, THC molecules stay for quite some time in your system. The density, however, depends on your usage.

    Here’s the thing - It is going to take a long time for everything to “come out in the wash.” Even in states where it is legal, an employer still has the right to fire you for using if you fail the test. A more enlightened boss may look the other way.

    There are tons and dozens of ideas being dumped on Internet forums. Everyone seems to be an expert in passing drug tests. Don't believe people on almost 95% of what anyone says because that will cause you to fail quicker than anything.

    Some of these ideas that people give you can actually make the test work even better because it will put more of the chemicals that THC leaves behind in your system making the test find it a lot easier such as exercise/drinking certain Types of drinks.

    Types of Drug Tests

    The most common drug tests used are urine, saliva and hair. Each test has a different detection time which is important to know. The urine drug test is the most commonly used because it is cheap and has a longer detection time than a saliva test. There are several very important factors that can influence how long THC will be present in your urine:

    · Weight

    · Body Fat

    · Amount Used

    · Frequency of Use

    Since these factors will vary greatly for each individual, there are no definitive guidelines to tell you how long you can test positive for THC.

    On a Urine Drug Test, THC will appear as a positive within 2-5 hours of use. How long it will still show on a urine drug test is estimated based on frequency of use, but does not take into account the weight and body fat of the marijuana user:

    · One Time User may show positive for 1-6 days

    · Moderate User may show positive for 7-13 days

    · Frequent User may show positive for 15 or more days

    · Heavy User may show positive for 30 or more days

    · Some Heavy Pot Smokers have reported being positive 45-90 days after quitting

    On a Saliva Drug Test, THC will test positive within one hour of use, but may only show positive for about 12 hours after last use.

    On a Hair Drug Test, THC will show up about 7 days after use and most hair drug tests will test for a 90-day period. However, THC does not always bind to the hair follicle which makes it not always considered an accurate testing method for marijuana use.

    But, worry not! Listed below are 4 awesome products that can help you pass a drug test easily.

    Best Synthetic Urine

    Synthetic urine will help you clear a drug test in most of the cases. But, you need to be very careful in choosing the right brand.

    THC is fat soluble and stored in your fat cells. Cleaning it out of your body is not difficult, it just takes time. An overwhelming amount of products sold in head shops, health food stores and on the internet claim to clean out your system, yet they do nothing to remove THC byproducts from fat cells.

    Be very careful! Look at the ingredients before you buy a detox product. You will find that the majority of them are comprised of mostly B-Complex vitamins, water and sugar.

    Synthetic urine products are all pretty much the same, with minor differences such as ones are powdered and others are premixed. That being said, there is one major advantage that Sub-Solution has over all other synthetic urine kits - it comes with a vial that heats the urine up to body temperature (about 100 F). This is usually the reason why most of the people consider it the best synthetic urine.

    When you buy synthetic urine, make sure to look out for the ingredients. The key concept is for it to be like normal urine in terms of Ph., odor, color, gravity, composition, and other normal urine features. Some of the most recommended brands are Quick Fix, Test Clear, and Sub Solution.

    Best Detox Pills

    Detox pills are another great way to get THC out of your system. They work wonders and are really effective in cleaning the molecules out of your system.

    You need to boost the detox process by consuming detox pills. You can try detox pills that accelerate the process and help you get rid of THC sooner than expected.

    If you are a moderate smoker, your body can naturally get rid of the toxins in 10 days (if you abstain from using), however with detox pills, you can achieve it in 5 days.

    There are loads of options available in the market - some low-priced and some extremely costly. We recommend that you read detailed reviews before buying.

    Some great brands that we recommend are Toxin Rid and Rescue 5-day detox.

    Does Toxin Rid Really Work?

    It comes with 150 pre-rid detox pills, and is considered to be the most complete and thorough detox pills available. If used as per recommendations, it can eliminate THC in less than 2 days.

    Toxin Rid 10-Day detox contains Alfalfa leaf extracts, calcium carbonate, iron glycinate, magnesium oxide, kelp, low-sodium sea minerals, and many other essential chemicals.

    Here’s how it works -

    · Increased elimination via urine. Urine production and elimination are increased due to the presence of electrolytes and herbal remedies.

    · Increased elimination via feces. The concentration of THC in feces is increased - that means that a lot more of THC leaves the body via feces excretion.

    View the complete guide on https://narcoculture.com/toxin-rid-10-day-reviews/

    Detox Drinks for Drug Test

    Detox drinks works well for light smokers. It doesn’t actually get rid of the toxins, but gives you a cover-up time to submit your sample for test. You can trust detox drinks for masking the metabolites for a few hours.

    Get your hands on a quality product, based on user reviews and feedback, to get the most out of it.

    Keep in mind that THC is highly fat soluble. This means that while liver is always working to get rid of it, some of the metabolites are ‘trapped’ in the fatty cells.

    The longer you’ve stoned, the more times you take weed, its potency, and your rate of metabolism are some of the major factors that determine the number of THC metabolites that end up in your fat layers, and how fast your body is able to remove them.